A Private Tour is special in many ways, whether you are family, work colleagues, a couple or a group of friends, there is no better way to spend time together with our chauffeurs & guides allowing you to enjoy your tour whilst driving and taking care of everything for you. All private tours include 'meet and greet' service (with nameboard and refreshment on arrival).


Private Tours


How to configure and book your personal Private Tour...

All we require is an idea of where you would like to visit in Switzerland and possibly beyond. What kind of accommodation and meals (if required), your excursions you want to include and for how many persons and we will create a suggested package that is best for you based on our extensive knowledge and experience. With Private Tours we cater for groups of up to 20 persons along with our special 2 person private packages (for newly-weds for example). 

We need a day or so to make you an offer with basic itinerary based on the seasonal factor, type of journey and all other possibilities. We always aim to offer you wholesale rates as a package and allow a certain amount of time for you to consider before accepting. 

Private tours ensure all guest luggage is taken care of from 'Airport to Airport' without any situation whereby our guests need to transfer or haul luggage whatsoever.

 *Private tours do not include flights though we do accept direct hotel bookings by our clients if preferred. 




Tour Locations

We base all of our tours out of Switzerland or as a 'linked' tour that connect to (or from) Switzerland. We can link any location within a 700km radius of Zurich. As examples; Paris, Nice, Milan, Florence, Venice, Munich or Monaco all within comfortable reach. We can offer your base or a number of bases in Switzerland, we suggest Lucerne, Zurich, Interlaken, Lugano, Lausanne or Montreux. These locations offer best connectivity to other destinations and sightseeing points and activities.


Duration of Tour

We recommend at least 3 nights for each base. To cover the whole of Switzerland and to discover everything Switzerland has to offer we recommend minimum 3 nights in 3 destination bases.


At Disposal

At Disposal mode allows our guests 12 hours per day (per driver) and a 24 hour service (2x12 hour shifts for 2 drivers). Our guests can choose any preferred excursion at their discretion on the morning of their daily departure if they wish, or have driver and vehicle for constant or intermittant use. Our standard at disposal per day kilometre allowance is 500km.



Tour Escorts and Guides speaking your language

We provide tour escorts and guides at your request and we do recommend a tour escort for more than seven travellers. Tour escorts provide a concierge service too whilst on the road and we are able to book one that speaks your language. For cities and special places of interest we recommend a local licenced guide.

Picture courtesy of ASGT Swiss Tour Guide Association


 Types of Tours

  • Private and Discreet

We ensure you will avoid public places and travel in a clandestine manner with a security-aware trained driver who will be experienced in this field. We choose only the best hotels who treat your privacy and well-being as a top priority.

  • Family & Friends

A very popular way to travel with your special ones even allowing mixed visits which may include some business trips too if you wish. Our drivers can also assist you on your shopping excursions remaining within a short distance for your convenience. Children travel safely and securely with our professional, fully licenced drivers and vehicles.

  • Mountain Pass and Grand Tours

Basically a road tour with real emphasis on sightseeing and nature, staying in some fantastic locations beyond the norm of daily life. Our intention for these tours is to not only see how mountain life exists but also be able to feel how people live their lives without much of the modern day distractions.

  • Cultural Excursions

Explode the myth of your favourite artist, actor or musician. Charlie Chaplin, Leonardo Da Vinci (Mona Lisa), Van Gogh, Mozart or whoever you like to choose, we do the research and will take you on their trail and visit places of significance from the past related to these icons. You may also like a wine tasting expedition into the Burgundy region or perhaps a fashion tour which includes a fashion week in Milan or Paris, it's your choice and any tour can be undertaken as an extension of any other tour we offer with a free transfer between.

*For current special tour package offers please refer to our Facebook page below.




Our Vehicles

Private Car / Limousine - up to 3 passengers

People Carrier / Luxury Van - up to 8 passengers

Minibus / VIP tourer - from 9-20 passengers

Mineral water is complimentary and unlimited on all tours and extended tours.

High-Speed Wi-Fi Hotspot is available in all vehicles free-of-charge (except extended tours).


Rules and Regulations

Seatbelts front and rear must be worn at all times when vehicle is in motion. Driver must abide by EU / Swiss driving regulations of maximum 12 hours of driving or standby per day and therefore cannot deviate from set itinerary. Our driver is able to halt or re-schedule the tour if he/she feels for any reason that passengers safety is in jeopardy.

Children less than 135 centimetres (53 in) tall in vehicles must be restrained by an approved child restraint system suitable for the child's size. 

We are not under any circumstances able to allow any extra passengers including children to share seats, each adult or child must have one dedicated seat only.

We only use professional chauffeurs and licenced vehicles.


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