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  • Corporate Hospitality
  • Company Celebrations
  • Seminars & Meetings
  • Conference & Congress
  • Product Promotion

We specialize in all of the above but the difference with us is that we like to keep you moving. We offer any of these combinations that may be fully or partly on any form of transportation. Some of our recent events have included guests travelling to and from their locations by classic car along with catering services inside airport hangars and buildings followed by special round-trip flights.

Would you like dinner on a steamship or on a mountain of your choice? We can offer our expertise and experience and will work with you to find a great solution which for you, will be the best for your event. We can then execute a truly professional and unique occasion for you in the most creative way possible. 


Group titlis

Ticino train

 Incentive Tours and Corporate Group Movements

Right from the outset, we take the time to understand your business and the individual tastes and preferences of your clientele, we have nearly a decade of experience in all types of incentive tours and corporate groups, not only in Switzerland but extensions into Holland, Germany, Spain, France Belgium and Italy and we create itineraries that are designed to be right for you and your clients, creating unforgettable memories.

We can plan virtually anything, like a group dinner on a classic train (above), event with music and dinner in a cave or high on a mountain peak for example. We will research all the possibilities regarding your preferences for where you would like to spend your time doing what you do best without all the time-consuming complications.

On the ground, coordination and customer relations teams are ever present when you need us and you can trust us to make the whole tour run professionally and smoothly.



Your Special Event - Weddings, Honeymoons & Receptions

In our opinion a wedding is not a wedding without wonderful surroundings. You can choose the location for your wedding from our catalogues and we will work at your request with the perfect solution for you.

dulac vevey

Grand Hotel Du Lac - Vevey

Your honeymoon can include a stunning trip across the Alps and around blue lakes staying at the best Boutique Hotels Switzerland has to offer in a setting that will inspire true love, we also offer a days photography included in the honeymoon package for memories sake. Our photographers always try to capture the special perspectives and generally avoid effects and filters for a true picture of your marriage, we offer our service inclusively by the hour and can produce high quality albums and other media formats too upon request.


Rimova dubendorf

Film Location Services

Atelier Swiss Location Services enable our guests to get the best out of Switzerland without the stress. We manage all the location permits, rules and regulations for you and supply everything necessary for your assignment to run smoothly from beginning to end.

We can supply a large or small fleet or individual vehicles and experienced drivers to go where you need to almost anywhere in Switzerland and include your catering requirements if necessary.


Bollywood & Switzerland

Given that the Engelberg and Jungfrau regions are famous for their Bollywood film locations & are stereotypically 'Swiss' for many who have visited, here are some reasons why Bollywood films are located in these locations:

Natural daylight, which is available in plentiful supply especially during the summer months for up to thirteen hours which also reduces costs (hiring, freight, etc.) involved when using artificial lighting.

Permission to shoot is available through the local authorities without too much red-tape or costs involved. Normally two policemen escort the unit to ensure every precaution is taken and that work is done smoothly. For example, if an action scene is to be canned, a public announcement is made, forewarning spectators not to panic when bullets are fired, there are also not the masses of curious onlookers to contend with as in India.

Stars devote their time to the film once they are out of India; this results in faster completion of the film. Saving costs are further augmented by the fact that even the size of the unit taken abroad is kept to the bare minimum.

Switzerland is after all a Europe in miniature and every possible type of backdrop is available from bustling cities to serene countryside and all within a short and easily accessible distances from place to place.


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